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Friday, November 20, 2015

Jessica Jones or Ms. Whiskey Is A Joke

I knew going into the show that it would be stupid, it surpassed my expectations sadly with the worst female super hero to grace the Marvel Universe. The drinking, working off the toilet-funny enough, another Netflix original first episode started with someone working on the toilet, W/Bob and David-the sex. Oh, it's everything wrong with current television trying to get our attention. And less, so much less. Why even add those lesbians, because we need to see sex happening, that's why.

Jessica Jones is a private investigator and the show needs to force feed you how bad her job is with a f*ck scene as the opening as Ms. Jones takes pictures and tries for the worst noir-style narrating she can muster. We follow her as she does her job poorly and constantly drinks, spies on people and has sex with some guy she's been spying fist (it's Luke Cage, Marvel fans.)

I'm downright offended by the lack of actual physical violence, Ms. Jones couldn't kick anyone's ass, but her first client's?

The only redeeming factor is David Tentant being creepy and a real villain you love to hate as the Purple Man. He's got mind controlling powers and he uses them for all the wrong reasons. We never even see his face in the first episode, yet he scares us with what horrors are about to come. He comes into Jessica's life secretly and screw up and innocent family just to get to her.

Whatever this show is, it's crap.

Catch it on Netflix or better yet watch Daredevil.