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Monday, November 9, 2015

Movies We Missed at AFI Fest 2015

Thanks other sites covering this year's AFI Fest, you let us down with your recommendations. Twitch Film and I assume LA Weekly for shame. Yes, maybe TTDILA should have found these movies to warn others to go check out, but honestly we looked and didn't see them until now. What's your excuse?

Well, you still have a chance with The Lobster, from our boy Yorgos Lanthimos, you might remember him from the messed-up masterpiece Dogtooth and Alps.

Egyptian Theatre Get Tickets 11/10/2015, 4:30 p.m

In The Lobster, a man heads to a resort with his dog, he needs to rekindle his flame. You see his wife just left him. Oh, and he'll turn into a lobster in 45 days if he doesn't get into a new relationship. By the way his brother is his dog. How weird and romantic will it get in The Lobster, TTDILA won't know until it's release...all the way in March, dammit.


Tale of Tales played two times at AFI Fest and we just missed its second showing by a few hours.  Three strange tales all with masterpiece looking cinematography rolled on screen from Italy...reminds us of Wild Tales from wimpy ol' Spain that came out last year.  Though this film is set in more of a fantasy, princesses and princes era. A big well known cast with some dramatic stories. How we swoon at missing this. Sigh*

For last, The Forbidden Room, which played once at The Egyptian. Dang, just dang, this looks like a feast for the eyes. From the synopsis it says that they though shot in HD and was converted to look like early 1920's aesthetic. The trailer builds on what could only be called a ongoing dream. I can't tell if there's going to be a story, you might want to just zone out and enjoy it with a rather nice cast out of nowhere.