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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Akihabara Expo Dead, Weird Backstory Popping Up

We've seen two other Japanese expos pass through the LA area this year and both weren't that great. A new Japanese themed expo was set to fill the Anaheim Convention Center this December, Akihabara Expo, taking its name from the otaku/nerd city of Japan. Recently, the convention was abruptly cancelled, though there were signals with lack of updates and little press information. On Reddit and ANN a unconfirmed backstory has begun to unfold about Akihabara Expo's CEO, Michael Pham. Many have had a problem with him upon finding it out his age, 21 and trying to run an anime convention. The Reddit post, from another person named Michael Pham, not the CEO, lays blame on the CEO for its abrupt cancellation and stealing funds for personal gain. Read more about the strange story with the links provided above.