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Thursday, November 19, 2015

CTN Animation Expo Vs. DesignerCon

Why are they at the same time? What are they? Why is it a VS? Scheduling. An animation convention vs a designer toy and art convention. Artists attending.

Hands down we would give DesignerCon the win with its location and cost, five bucks and Old Town Pasadena adjacent. Who doesn't love the costly, ugly and only near a McDonald's lovely Burbank Marriott, blech. The real contest is talent in attendance and what the CTN Animation Expo has is a lot of talented young artists, who we wish were selling their goods at DCon instead of at CTN. CTN gets even more points for it's collection of older animators that include Brad Bird, Henry Selick (Tim Burton's hands) and Peter Lord.

For the consumer, it's Dcon, for the up and coming animator, it's a tough choice- and a good place to network or make animator late-night doodles together.

CTN Animation Expo
Nov. 20-22
Burbank Marriott Convention Center

Some of our favorite artists have booths or are their to look for work or network. Some just want to mingle with fellow animator or see what's new in animation. Just a long list of animators you wouldn't normally meet all in one ugly carpeted place.

Nov 21-22
Pasadena Convention Center
300 E Green St, Pasadena, California 91101
It's grown and become so much more then we ever dreamed, a convention to make your desk or cubicle happy. Go here to line your shelves with something that brings tears to your eyes or go, "That was a good purchase." Designer Con, known by long time fans simply as Dcon, is an annual toy and art convention with the perfect goodies and collectibles to bring shame on your work mates for not having anything as cool.