Tuesday, September 15, 2015

LA EigaFest 2015 Film Preview

Princess Jellyfish

You can now buy tickets for LA EigaFest. To celebrate, let's break down TTDILA's top choices of what to see.

 Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends
  • 9/25 7:30pm - 9:44pm
  • THEATER Premiere House
  • TICKET $45 (Opening Film, Red Carpet, and After Party)
The sword swinging conclusion of the film trilogy finally ends it's run here in LA. This is the first and possibly only chance to see the film on the big screen in the US. The amazing sword work of the series in the past has me foaming at the mouth to see the big boss fight between Kenshin and Shishio.
$Price tag, sheesh, comes with after party if your 21+. 

Princess Jellyfish 
  • DATE 9/27 5:15pm - 7:21pm
  • THEATER Premiere House
  • TICKET $12

A movie about cute otaku girls that have to save the way and where they live. Based on the same anime we reviewed a few years back this live action adaption captures the whole series in one go.

Self-deprecating nerd girl, Tsukimi Kurashita, lives in a run-down tenement dubbed “Amamizukan” with four equally geeky female housemates. Committed to the credo of “No Need for Boys”, the girls call themselves “Amazu” (nuns) and spend their days steeped in their fanatical hobby obsessions… until the day a stunning, cross-dressing young man, Kuranosuke, enters their lives with his elite and stuffy virgin of an elder brother, ushering in a crisis that threatens to tear down their sacrosanct home. To defend all they hold dear, the Amazu join forces with Kuranosuke to break through their hardened shells and force a final showdown with the powers that be.
Based on best-selling comic, “Kuragehime” by Akiko Higashimura

Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmen
  • DATE 9/27 8:00pm - 9:51pm
  • THEATER Premiere House
  • TICKET $25 (Closing Film)

You thought it was about the seven dwarfs, but Yakuza. Old fart Yakuza vs. young Yakuza in this crime comedy featuring an all-start cast of Japanese talent. The old yazkua come back to take on the bright-eyes Yakuza of today.

  • DATE 9/26 12:30am - 1:55am
  • THEATER Auditorium13
  • TICKET $12
From Siono Sono, a most prolific and out there Japanese director we have the crazy concept of "Tag." A film where a girl keeps changing her identity and keeps having those around her killed. What exactly is going on is the real mystery from of the latest crazy films from Japan. It's palying late night for a reason.

 As long as you're around, everyone will be killed!"
Mitsuko (Reina Triendl) is having a strange day; her bus ride ends with an absurd amount of death. After the horrifying incident she finds her friends, only to have a surreal conversation as though nothing has happened. A teacher with a machine gun opens fire on her and her friends leaving piles of dead girls. Mitsuko runs away only to find out she's become Keiko, a 25-year-old woman (Mariko Shinoda) and it's her wedding day. Her groom is a real pig, a pig in a tuxedo in fact brandishing a knife chasing her around.

What is this strange world? Now Keiko is Izumi (Erina Mano) and is told by a woman she is the cause of so much death. Is it all a nightmare or some kind of game?
You won't know until the very end.

  • DATE 9/26 7:45pm - 9:47pm
  • THEATER Auditorium12
  • TICKET $12 
You had me at the weirdo with a newspaper mask protecting his face.

 “Let me tell you what I will do tomorrow,” announces a man wearing a newspaper hat and posting a bizarre clip from an Internet cafe.Meanwhile, at the cyber crime task force of the Metropolitan Police, it is the job of an elite female investigator, Erika Yoshino, to crack down on irresponsible acts committed online.
One day, her virtual dragnet snares an unsettling video. It is a man railing against an incident of food poisoning by a food company: “Those incapable of handling food will be thoroughly cooked themselves!” Moments later, a food factory is set on fire.

One after another, the newspaper man vigilante together with his cohorts, proceed to serve up their own brand of vigilante justice on the world. But in reality, they are embittered society dropouts who had degenerated to living in close quarters and doing hard labor.
The prophetic crimes eventually escalate to an alarming level with police fearing acts of organized terror. However, Yoshino begins to suspect that these are neither acts of terrorism nor crimes of pleasure but instead driven by a completely different purpose…

Solomon's Perjury Part 1 & 2
  • DATE 9/26 7:30pm - 9:31pm
  • THEATER Auditorium13
  • LENGTH $18 (This price includes both Part 1 & 2 as it is a double feature )
A school trial goes well beyond a simple lesson on right and wrong. The murder of a student draws a lengthy two film drama, shot beautifully. One of the most well shot Japanese films you might see.