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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Universal Studios Japan Horror Nights So Much Better Than Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights starts this weekend and TTDILA could care less this year. After two years of the so-so and rating about two good mazes per Hallowen in the park, Universal Studios has not become the premiere destination for Halloween horror. An ocean away Universal Studios Japan outclasses our own Universal Studios every year. With better mazes and better showmanship their park seems so much scarier and fun. They may not get a maze for The Walking Dead, which was kind of poor in representation of the series  last year. What they get is better made mazes and video game based mazes.

Above is a recent promo video features Japanese celebrities being scared at the park. You can see the higher level of detail and scares they get compared to our walking costumed monsters.

Instead of the Resident Evil movies series they've have mazes based on the game series. While walking through a reproduction of Racoon City with zombies coming at you the maze can actually pause, just like a video game for a fun added affect, somethign we don't have anything like here. Think about having to train the actors and the sync all of them tostop at the same time. The Resident Evil Maze continues this year with Resident Evil The Real 3, I'm sure that name is an Engrish appropriation of whatever the name is in Japanese.

They're getting their own version of Alien Vs Predator this year with horror film connections. Freddy Krueger -The Night Killer and Chucky has Chucky's Horror Factory 2. They also have a maze based on The Ring. Why not stick with the classics. Who really wanted The End as a maze this year at Universal?

They have their own ideas, Trauma- Laboratory of the Worst Terror, which has a 15 and older rating. With that they have Street Zombies all around their park.

For long time fans of the site and for certain anime lovers the icing on the cake is a Ghost Stories maze based on the anime. Over there it was a simple children's anime much like Goose Bumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark. Translated over here it was one of the best comedy animes as it was re-dubbed to make its ghost hunting children stars more foul-mouthed than South Park. I'm sure their version won't be as funny, it will be a school themed maze to spook you.

For younger kid during the day they have a carnival attraction with Trick or Treating and a costume party.

For more details,  check out their English site here.
via ANN