Monday, September 28, 2015

Beyond Fest: Top Choices

If it says it takes place in the Shudder Theater that means the smaller theater with less seats. We just love point that stuff out.

There's more than a few horror films including special showings for Evil Dead and Evil Dead II with Bruce Campbell and Edgar Wright talks after. Classics like The Beyond and Invasion of the Body Snatchers are ready to scare a new generation.

TTDILA taste is a bit more Japanese friendly, starting with

Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld
Oct 2, 10:15pm

Instead of being bitten by a vampire or zombie and becoming of them you become a Yakuza (Japanese mafia). Directed by the prolific Takashi Miike this will be an all out crazy action and martial arts fights. 

In Search of the Ultra-Sex
Free Screening / October 3 | 9:30pm

An over-dubbed work with a plot of vast sex pandemics taking over the Earth by re-using old French porn, which there is a lot of. The plot about astronauts looking for the so called "Ultra-Sex" to fix the Earth barely keeps this comedy together.

Assassination Classroom
Free Screening / October 5 | 9:30pm

Taken from Japanese manga comes the tale of the simple order of a class trying to kill their teacher, a giant yellow "alien" that will destroy the world after the school year.  Oh, Japan, will you ever stop being so boring....hahahaha. This bizarre live action blend with CGI takes us through a low ranking class getting the best teacher ever who happens to want to extinguish all life on Earth. You wouldn't think of Koro-sensi as bad as how attentive he is to his students and how hard he makes them cram. He comes off as the good guy when he's students are mercilessly trying to take him down at any chance. You'll want your own "alien" teacher after this.

The Devils
October 8 | 10:00pm / Rated X on Rare 35mm Print / With Bernard Rose In Person

This rare horror gem was released in 1971 with an X rating. This depicts nuns getting on with the nasty as a priest falls more to the devil with the workings of what's going on at his church.

Check out the full list of films here.
Beyond Fest Oct 1-12
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