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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bloodsucking Bastards LA Premiere Review

Bloodsucking Bastards
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If you ever thought your office job sucked, maybe watch this and feel a little bit happier about your life. With blood explosions and stoner jokes, Bloodsucking Bastards is a nice rental for those feeling like they want a comedy with some light horror elements. A horror comedy that places you in the office of a company selling penis increasing pills that turns one's dong green with other items only losers would buy. This place of bad business has Evan (Fran Kranz), his not-happy with him girlfriend Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick) and Evan's stoner best friend Tim (Joey Kern). We see as they are slowly dragged into a vampire den at work with productive results. As we all know the un-dead are great at making phone calls to sell you crap.

Evan's sad when he's passed up for a manager position from a college rival. So is Tim, as with his best friend status was going to do even less work. Amanda's mad at Evan for throwing away her declaration of love with a one word answer. All of this gets much worse when Evan's college rival, Max, turns out to be a vampire, changing most of the office into vampires.

Now the film has it's moments and buckets of blood at the end. At the end though, most of the film is more comedy than horror with jokes about the awful working conditions and how being dead only helps.

I do recommend this film for a rental or streaming for anyone into comedy and horror for some of the dumb scenes leading up to a vampire brawl.

The film has a great stylized opening that I wish carried over to the rest of the film. Sadly, it's a very simple shoot in an office, from what I recall from the premiere it took 18 days and little was put into camera work.

One of the stories shared at the Q & A was the sad tale of how the office used and destroyed was a real office in the valley. They shoot had to share space with a real office which caused some silly problems, like an angry worker ruining scenes at the shared pantry.One of the cast saying a disgruntled employee opening the fridge during shots.

Sadness so bitter came back up again when the cast and crew recalled how they over heard the office drones telling each other what desk they would be taking after the shoot, excited to have new cubicles. They would have no new cubicles as they were destroyed as was much of the office during the vampire fighting. The premiere audience was told that the crew didn't have to clean its mess up after shooting. What a poor decision on part of that office management as I know wonder how awful and blood stained it might look after the final battle in the film.

Frank (Marshall Givens) you Red Bull guzzling, security guard bastard, thank you for being one of the many strange office characters that brought life until your untimely death into the film.

Not so much horror as a fed-up comedy about work, it just happens to have vampires in it.