Saturday, December 26, 2009

Japan Bang

Now thta Christmas is dead and I have some free time I've hit a bust of Japanese culture. I was on Sawtelle the other day and got some free vidoe game magazine Hyper Game was giving out. I'll post a article about Hyper Game soon, but just to tell you it's a small little video game store that carries a lot of imports. Anyway the mag had some really cool pics of video game shirts that are totally unavalaible here in America, don't even bother looking on ebay.

Then I caught wind of Panda-Z which just amuses me as it rips off Mazinger Z the classic robot anime. Panda-Z charcters never talk and eventually in a episode a female robot seduces a male robot, you see them lighting cigarettes after a battle that was off camera. Here's a random episode below
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