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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide Japanese Pt. 3

Reflex Gamer
319 E. 2nd St.# 104Los Angeles, CA 90013
inside the small mall
yelp reviews

If your already in Little Tokyo why not try Reflex Gamer. The only video game store in Little Tokyo is right next to anime store.
This store is cute and small and can give you the customer service you need. This is a independent run game shop so know annoyin gamestop jerk employees here.

Yes they have a pac-man floor and yes it glows in the dark!

What I truly enjoy is the look of the store which seems like it's a Mom and Pop run place even though a from gamedude employee owns it. I've tried to interview a bunch of time , but we both are to busy or keep forgetting about it. I'll probally try and get a interview this winter. Apparently the owner ws already interview by Geek Montly, which I think is a stupid piece of **** for not containing usually any stories that are intersting or not hocking ****. uuh oh yeah great set-up in here. Don't come here for imports though. I would mainly have imports being in Little Tokyo if it were my shop, but it's not mine.

Also check out the murals at the top done by a very entertaining artist to know Ezekile Cho or Zekie for short.

I saw the art develop over time as it took a week or two to complete the murals. The really draw you into the store. Give them some business and drop by.