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Monday, December 28, 2009

Guess where I went today!

Not for the reason you think. No, I went to the gift shop. Yes, the Los Angeles County Corner's Office does have a gift shop and it gets more horribly morbid as I go on. The Gift Shop is grimly titled

Skeletons in the Closet
1104 N. Mission Road Los Angeles, CA 90033(323) 343-0760

To start off parking is easy, but don't forget to get a visitor's pass at the lobby of the building below.

Skeleton's provides a body bag bloated with a corpse that's been rotting in a pool in morbid merchandise. The LA County logo dawns shirts, magnets, pens, baseball caps, shorts and what have you. What really stood out were the beach towels which had the outline from a crime scene on it. It comes in four colors and is the store bestseller. Next is the shirts which you'll also find below. The store isn't big, but is filled with great items. Sadly, the higher ups don't really want anything in the store to be to bloody or sick so don't except anything too horrible. I wish they had post cards. Wouldn't be perfect if they had, "Wish you were here, Los Angeles County Corner's Office. The staff who seems to be only one woman named Edna is helpful and nice and will answer your sick needs.

To bad Christmas just ended, but hey you might end up there next year.


Yes, they have a children's corner