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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tokidoki LA

Yo holiday laliens( like aliens). I missed the opening of the much anticipated tokidoki store on Melrose. The store has everything tokidoki that u could possibly want. For those who don't know tokidoki is both a artist's name and the line/style of his products which have very anime and Japanese qualities. I won't bore you with the artist history, but he is extremely popular in today's fashion culture. Now there's one of his shops on one of the most trendy streets in LA.

In my opinion the store is small and meaningless. Kidrobot which is across the street as well as many stores in the area carry the same clothes and figures. For a artist based store the design is awful just another square box shop with no cool architecture or statues to really draw u in. I feel this place will clothes down in a year or two for being a waste of space. If your a cute girl however you'll probably like it while it's open so strut down there and pick up some nice tokidoki merch

Tokidoki 7965 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90046

I do like tokidoki's style just not this fail store. This Karl Larfield (fashion guru) figure is f*ing cool.