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Monday, December 28, 2009

Castle Park Arcade and Miniature Golf and to lesser extent batting cages.

No your not is some pagan dream. The blood on your blade is probably real and you should turn yourself over the police, but before you do head to Castle Park. This castle contains a arcade of high stature with some new games to get you excited about leaving your house and leaving your Wii. Before you even start using the arcade why not try a game of mini-golf it's cheap, easy and fun. It's fun with a group of friends, but not sarcastic friends who always have negative comments maybe it's time you dumped them. The three different mini golf tracks will take some time and make u wanna play even more that when you started and passed through the arcade to get the mini-golf course.

They have batting cages there too...

On like Donkey Kong to the arcade of a king's sum of fun.

The arcade has two sections ticket giving machines in the back and real arcade machines in front. There also lies a small food court where many a nacho and soda may be purchased. The machines take coins so get ready to go to a change machine. The selection of the castle is quite nice with racing machine in both car and motorcycle type. They have a lot of beat-em ups and fighters.

Some ticket machines are crazy to interact with a look goofy.

They have a arcade Guitar Hero Machine with two controllers. It was quite funny to see a ten-year old play on his knees and his avatar the Angel of Death rock.

The of course have the old past time of air hockey. Plus some newer machine like the one below Juke Beat with strange new controls.

They had the one I wanted to play for so long.

Let's Go Jungle!

Let's Go Jungle! is a arcade shooter made by Sega that's, just too silly. A young couple decides to go on vacation in South America and is being rode around riding a tourist jeep. When suddenly giant tarantulas attack. The couple are handed AK's and that's when you take on their roles. Every round/level your score is display as a heart and fill up depending hoe well you did. It turns out that better you do the more compatible the couple is?

I love the terrible acting by the character and the boyfriend has the largest noise I've seen in a game in a long time.

Video below of my trek through the game.

Just some of the classic arcade machines they have so you know it's a great arcade.

They have me sold when they have Metal Slug and The Simpsons in the arcade.

I love the top of the arcade machine just look at the real world April O'Neil.

Sherman Oaks Castle Park
4989 Sepulveda BlvdSherman Oaks, CA 91403(818) 756-9459