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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here's what future cartoons may look like on Cartoon Network. Yes, once again,I'm reporting on some Cartoon news. This blog is about video games, cartoons, and obviously things to do in LA. Right now it's cartoons.

If you've been following the blog I reported on the shows, but lacked some pics. Here are some pics of my favorites below.

Reported via Racattack Junction the top picture is of a insane blue jay (Mordecai) and a mentally unstable racoon (Rigby). These two animals work at a zoo and are idiots and get into crazy antics. Their show is simply titled Regular Show.

Below are the two robots which are from the short Danger Planet. One is a robotic arm anothe is a video game machine that are trapped on danger planet and must protect a human baby.

Next to the robots is a pic of Uncle Grandpa. This sereis blew me away by making all it's charcters look ugly as sin. Buy hey they have a photo-realistic tiger that farts rainbows. The true story of Uncle Granpa is that he is everyone's Uncle Grandpa and visits u when u r at your worst.

I'm pooped more Cartoon news some other time.

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