Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, not really suckas, but u can party with him for 5 bucks at the UCB theatre this Friday. If your a fan of MC Chris than u might have instantly gotten the joke that MC CHRIS IS DEAD was his third latest album and a perfect choice for some Halloween music with some funny skits on it. MC Chris is mostly known for his connection to adult swim voicing incredibly stupid cartoon characters and rapper with lyrics that are more about Star Wars and his own problems.

Don't forget this Halloween that Star Wars Death Troopers( a book) has come out. Yes, even even Star Wars has gotten on the zombie train. I listened to the audio book and it seems like a book written for the very young, basically it's a scholastic Animorphs adventure.
Not only a book about zombie storm troopers, but the Star Wars online game Galaxies will be introducing some sort of zombie virus to the game so players can't fight infected wookies.
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