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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Katamari Forever Over

Sadly I don't have my own short program youtube video game review show. I don't have the time to edit in game footage with bad jokes I'd pull off . Instead I can give a quick review of Katamari Forever available only on the PS3. It sucks. Why it sucks and it tells u right away it it brings really nothing new to the series. The game's title in Japan is Katamari Tribute because it's like a Tribute album with no new songs. This game might have two new levels everything else in the games is from older Katamari games the only difference is the filters that make levels seem somewhat new. For example one filter makes everything in the level look like wood another filter makes everything black and white except for objects u can roll up which are colored. The filters get boring right away and u can choose them until you've beaten the level.

What your given here is the same old Katamari game with some bonuses like remixed music. I also felt the control were not up to par. I think the original games on the playstation 2 were fine and could of just been re-released on the psn instead of making this game. So I'm saying don't even bother renting. If u've played any other Katamari before u've played this game.
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