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Monday, October 5, 2009

Zombieland Part Deux

Oh man talk about super viral marketing. The zombieland team is up there with 2k's viral team(Bioshock). The event held on Wed. Sept. 30th was simply fantastic. If giving free zombie makeovers wasn't enough then a zombie walk around Hollywood was. Going as a huge group scaring little kids and making people laugh as a large group of zombies came by was a lot of fun. I remember one Mother sheltered her kid from us in her arms. Anothe funny thing was some sort of health group was on the corner of Hollywood and Highland dressed as doctors that were bloody so many people thought were behind there campaign. It was also funny that being on Hollywood our zombie jamboree would be lead y Jason Vorhees and Marylin Monroe.

What has to be the greatest part was getting to see Zombieland for free in the world famous Grauman's Chinese. Living in LA all my life I don't think I've ever gone in it even though it is open to the public to watch movies. Let me just tell u it's beautiful inside. It's one of the best theaters of been in just for how glamorous and rich it looks inside. Plus it was a inside joke to have zombies in and around the theater as they filmed zombies being in the same exact location.

Like I said before Zombieland is a great movie and perfect to watch this Halloween/ October. I don't like telling people about movies because it ruins the movie for me when someone talks about it I have to see it myself. Definently go see it though it's both gross and funny. Loved it.

Check out some more of the zombies below

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