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Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer in LA 2009

Los Angeles Film Featival shows June 18 - 28
a bunch of unreleased movies plus some free movies, just look through the search

Silent Movie Theatre events
check out all their shows, very little of them are actualy ever silent, more of a cult following movies and more hard stuff to find on the internet
Same goes for

New Beverly Cinema

Huebel and Scheer present Crash Test
the guys from Human Giant throw a funny as hell stand up comedy showcase

Anime Expo July 2-5

This is a huge event for anyone into Anime to pick up some dvds or manga or to meet some other people into anime. I go for artits alley bewcuase so many of my favorite DeviantArtists show up and sell their stuff
it's 30 bucks for 1-day

I'll be sure to add more things this summer