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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Echo Park Time Travel Mart

Hey, hows it going everyone, I'd liked to thank Kotaku's Luke Plunkett for posting me on Kotaku

As for the commenter Yossarian sorry about your Dad dying of cancer, the people at Things To Do in LA wish him well and hope the chemo-therapy works.

From that sad note lets move on to some fun stuff. Anybody got the munchies while time traveling?

I know I do, so thank God for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

This novelty store sells hilarious time travel related gifts. The time travel mart sell emotion chips for your robot, bottled extenstentialism, and robot milk. That's not all it looks awesome inside. It's also front for a after school reading center, don't worry theres a huge are in the back for the kids so you don't have to interact with them. I almost got a job here, but was turned down for not being part of the program which helped kids. Damn it would have been fun, if you work here (minimum wage) you get to pick a costume and come up with a character of your choosing. I would have been Christopher Columbus's friend Reggie, "Yo, Columbo, I think you need to do some better detective worth I don't think these are the right Indians"

Anyway check out this cute store. They have plenty of cute and cool products. Plus the store is a sight to behold on its own. Parking can be found in back.

This Saturday Geoff Johns and a bunch of his artist and writer friends will be signing stuff at the Northridge Earth 2 Grand Opening.

Geoff Johns now owns half of that shop. The place was horrible when it was run by Golden Apple, they had the worst service and were assholes. I'm glad they had to sell the place because they can't run their business correctly. Anyway shop up and get stuff signed, plus yell at Jeph Loeb for ruining Hulk, then praise him for his other work.

Friday the 26 head down to the awesome little Tokyo and watch Astroboy, Gigantor and Voltron outside for free at the JACCC plaza

Plus check out these spots while you're there and do some Karoake!