Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back from Hiatus with a vengenace

So get ghostbusters the game, its fun and got multitplayer online. It's a good 6 hour game, a fun rental unless you like on-line co-op than I'd say buy it, or wait for it to go down in price then buy it. I f you can find it, I heard it was sold out throughout LA. As a note I'd watch the two movie befor playing the game. It won't hinder the games fun if you haven't seen the movie it'll just increase it. Also try and go out of yor way for the artifacts. there worth it, just for making the ghostbusters home more stylish and cool. You got to give terminal reality some credit for putting in a haunted toilet and a pair of ultra cool ghost pants that follow you around.

Gameplay is quite fun, wrangling in a ghost is just delicious, the other weapons are fun especially the slime and snot, but nothing compares to a good ol proton pack.


Online play is great, I only wish it was longer and had more places to go. I hope they have a dlc pack with more ghost and weapons.

Wow I was busy the last week or so, I'm still going to do a review of all the best theaters in LA once I go to them. I'm still missing, Graumans Chinese and the the Landmark theater in West Hollywood.

Man blogging can suck, I need to find better software to blog with uploading photos suck. I want to just drop a page a day, is that so hard?

Anyway here's candy

Here's a place to go for candy, no not that place on citywalk

This place is simply candy good, instead of candy evil. They have a nice candy selection with many different sweet and sour delights. They have yogurt machines built into the walls on one side. They also have baked good like cakes and the smaller of the species cupcakes. It's actually got a great stylish looks and the chairs and tables have been made poorly as candy is trapped inside of them. It's a little cartoonish in nature how nice this place looks.Be careful it's on the corner and behind Vitello's. It easy to miss so be careful.Parking may suck if too many are there they have space for maybe five cars. Oh, yeah try the pucker powder machine for some sour goodness.
Anyway nothings really happening except this stuff

So anyway checkout out Sweetharts

here be the info