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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Video Game Girls and a whole lot of other stuff

Lot of stuff to talk about, so last night I went to the Bordello Bar which is extremely close to Little Tokyo and saw video game girls.

Video game girls was a nice little event for E3 where some strippers dressed up like video game characters and of course stripped to Nintendo music. It was actually kind of fun and kind of sucked. The girls were okay especially Princess Peach and Zelda. The problem I had was that if your going to have a strip show, have a strip show. There was a comedian host telling jokes while we waited, but then they would take this abrupt breaks. Also about 3/4 way through the show the curtain mechanic broke and they couldn't fix it. That was actually very funny. Anyway all the girls were cute, except Chun-li was kind of pudgy. There were 5 strippers in this order BloodRayne, Princess Peach,Chun Li, Link/Zelda, Samus. All of them gave off a little something different from the character they were parodying. Princess Peach gave out cupcakes and Chun-Li did some splits.

Here are some clips and pics

Now this all happened at the Bordello Bar, parking was okay cause it started around 10:30 on a Wednesday, plus it was right near some sort of cool Japanese palace I'll have to check out later the Art district which I didn't know was right there. The Bordello was a very strange place to visit, but probably be fun for a night out. The group of ladies that did this show will be doing one at Comic-Con dressed as stripping superheroes

The night was fairly interesting as I met some people from They had just been at E3. One of them and I started a conversation on what new games are coming out and he brought up a ant sim game. I immediately thought out of all the games their the went for a ant sim game. Then we discussed Herman Melville's the Old Man and The Sea. I didn't think I would be discussing classic literature at the strip club. I did feel surrounded by a good crowd of people as they were all discussing how Batman Battle for the Cowl was a stupid comic and the franchise is retarded now.

I also of course met the tri-star of events of people when I met a actor, writer and and stand up comedian. Which means it's was real Hollywood party or event. The stand up comedian told me about the HA- HA comedy club

on North Hollywood and that there is a stand up night, which I've been wanting to do for some time. Some friends and I are going to be doing some stand-up, this place seems fine, so if anyone reads this blog and wants to see my sense of humor

see Neo and the matrix

than come on down and maybe do your on bit. It'll be 5 bucks and I'll have a date of the event sometime this month.

Oh yeah on the way to my car a bunch of ladies who had their seats reserved(I think they were friends of the strippers were ahead of me while I was walking to my car. So the small pudgy one of the group blurted this out "Yeah, I need a Freak, you got a Freak or you got 3inches" which was quit funny as I have no idea what started that conversation.

This doesn't remind me of the writing pieces I will be working on with two artists Mia and Sky Burchard

Sadness Isn't Necessary When It Can Be Just Deleted by Sky Burchard

BUNCHA DUDES I GUESS by *poop-mouth on deviantART

who are trying to become a part of I am 8-bit. I'll have interviews with them about their work and the process of becoming a part of I am 8-bit

This weekend I'm going to Cine Gear Expo

It's a expo on all the new equipment in the entertainment industry.

Also this weekend you have the premiere props studio lot sale on Sat and Sunday

This picture I ordered from Katie Rice came.

Katie Rice is a good friend of John Kricfalusi who created Ren and Stimpy. I have a drawing he did for me somewhere.

Katie now does a online comic strip about a dumb barbarian chick named Skadi as scene int the above picture and I really love the strip.

check out the other strips, one is done by Gabe Swarr who also worked on Ren and Stimpy and is a I am 8-bit artist.

Katie was nice enough to include a extra drawing with the piece she sent me