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Thursday, September 14, 2023

PAX West: What A Blast


While over in Seattle for Nintendo Live we did go around PAX West. It's a blast if you're into gaming of any kind, but my heart still belongs to Anime Expo.

Strangely enough, Seattle's Convention Center design is worse than the LA Convention Center if you can believe it. They have multiple floors and a very strange path to the different floors. PAX is so huge that they use multiple buildings, one of which aren't connected at all. There's a new building called The Summit that's five stories worth of PAX a block away from the Seattle Convention Center.

Here's some photos of what it's like in the main halls. Yes, you're seeing a Cheez-it booth.

Oh, one day the year 2024, Pepper Grinder will come out

Big Boy Boxing is an indie that bears a resemblance to Punch-Out, great booth.

Just Shapes & Beats drew in a crowd, it's much hard to play then to watch, but it sure is fun. Now on Switch.
Sucker for Love: Date to Die For

I don't know what wins strangest booth the Cheez-It one or the Idahoan?