Monday, September 18, 2023

Game Hype: Trombone Champ, WarioWare: Move It! & Baby Steps

I had it all wrong. When I first heard the game, I thought it would be grating on my ears. I chastised a friend for getting it on PC. That was before getting it on Switch. This game, with its multiple Switch controls (Dump PC controls into a dumpster fire) is a sheer laughing joy to play. It's a stupid fun game and playing music in it is a total farce. Perfect for parties as it has a 4 player option or just unlocking the hidden mysteries behind the game. You wouldn't think this trombone game would have dark mysteries, but it does. Grab it on Switch!

I want this out now, but gotta wait till Thanksgiving for WarioWare: Move It! out Nov 3rd. Once again, the Switch controls with its Joycons make it the perfect party a music playing system.

Baby Steps headed to PS5 and PC, out next year, just keeps looking sillier and sillier.