Saturday, September 16, 2023

Hype: Coke Y3000, Play Dead & Renovated LA Theaters

Have you tried or seen the new Coke Flavor Y3000, we hope not, because it's not that good. Coke's baffling Creations department of new flavors has once again made a new taste, but this time they got help from AI. Why? Gimmick, marketing.

Gotta tell you, we've tried it and like every other flavor from Creations it can go into the recycling bin early.

Read more about it here
Play Dead is a Tubi original and we heard nothing but good hype for this new horror film. There's a fun thriller concept here with a med student down on her luck and with a dumb younger brother. Her younger brother helped try and rob a place, but got away. Problem is, his friend was caught and killed and has a phone with text messages with the brother's name on them, all about the robbery. So, our final girl has to fake her death by taking some drugs and get the phone at the morgue before the cops get to it. Problems ensue from there.

What could have become a true horror cult classic, plays out more like a cartoon and doesn't fit the mood of the first act. We're telling you to avoid it, even if it is free.
Here's a nice post on all the theaters that are getting renovated in LA...not sure how they'll be affected by all the strikes.