Saturday, January 7, 2023

Taratino's Podcast Tells You To See Movies At The New Bev, Video Archives Podcast

by Jonathan Bilski
Video Archives was not something I was rushing to listen to. How would the ego of Quentin Tarantino holdup while talking to others about cult and classic movies? Just like you think, he's an very opinionated man, but he and his podcast partner Roger Avary know a ton about movies. Making them, the behind the scenes an so forth. So listening them pine over actors and also question what the Hell the director is thinking is compelling enough to have me come back.

If you keep up with the podcast you can watch the films they talk about at the Tarantino's New Bev. You might want to wait to listen to them though as they spoil and thoroughly go through the films they pick every episode. Still, there's nothing quite like watching the film your movie podcast is about to go over. It let's you better connect with everything the duo talks about. And, seeing these films in theaters will be hard, so it's pretty sweet being able to catch them on a big screen.

The podcast itself that tackles three movies an episode and has the odd segment of talking to Avary's daughter, Gala Avary about how she liked the films. I'm just sick of people adding their children to be part of their entertainment jobs. It's nice to have a a younger person and a woman's view to counter there's, but it didn't need to be Avary's daughter. Maybe she helps them make the podcast, who knows.
Weirdly, Gala Avary calls her father by his first name in the podcast  and will say things that are very formal, like she watched a film with her mother, which makes no sense as everyone on the podcast is either related or knows each other very well. Weird.