Friday, January 27, 2023

Art Hype: The Art of Picking, Product Placement & 6:00 AM

The Art of Picking series from Po Yun Wang is coming out with these two wonderful vinyls in then next two days, though Mona Lisa is somehow already sold out? Anyway, each lovely bust has a famous figure picking their nose and come with three interchangeable objects for them to hold to delight anyone passing by your desk. The retail for about $150 each. You might have to grab them from a second party for more if they sell out.

comes with: Sunflowers, a pair of paintbrushes, and his fabled ear.
The Art of Picking: Mona Lisa
comes with: Smart phone, cig and her making a circle with her thumb and pointing finger

Adam Harris "Do You Have Life Insurance?" Print

Product Placement and 6:00 AM, an art show for Groundhog Day from G1988 have some fun pieces, here's a few that caught our eye. Check out even more pieces here

Sam Dunn "Try not to break it (Large Variant)" Print

Adam Cherry "007 Gadgets" Print