Friday, January 6, 2023

Movie & TV Hype: A Horrofying April, Copenhagen Cowboy Can Wait & M3GAN


Evil Dead Rise looks way better than expected, coming out April 21st in theaters. Not sure about director Lee Cronin as we haven't see much of his other work, but at least the trailer was cut well...and the Mom's face in it, ewww.

Renfield is out April 14th and well, isn't winning any awards for plot. Dracula is Nicholas Cage, but the real star is his martial arts action loyal servant Renfield played by Nicholas Hoult. This is an action comedy horror film that seems like it won't be remembered after it's released. What a bizarre premise.

Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Is a Beautiful Redundancy

-The director of Drive might want to go back to the slow lane and do movies again after this scathing review of how slow burn his latest show is. Copenhagen Cowboy is just now on Netflix. Before that he had his 2019 series about LA on Amazon Prime.

Oh, and M3GAN is out in theaters this weekend. It's in the genre of horror, but we'd like to call it (insane-ridiculous) horror like whatever Malignant was. A killer robotic doll just isn't that good idea for a gift. And the writers of Malignant wrote this one too, so yeah, it's gonna be stupid.