Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Bookoff AnimeLab In Little Tokyo

We haven't gone ourselves, but it looks like Bookoff has finally come to Little Tokyo in the form of an AnimeLab. You could find Bookoffs much further out of the regular valley/ downtown LA area selling manga and games and, of course used books. They're a Japanese based second hand store.

This AnimeLab store seems to feature anime goods, which makes total sense for where it's located.

Japan Up Magazine has a short article on what it's like. I went to the NEW BOOKOFF AnimeLab in Little Tokyo!
It's so new, we don't have any decent reviews yet online and its own website says it hasn't even had it's grand opening yet as of writing this.

Little Tokyo
340 E 2nd St. Suite 336, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Here's to more Japanese store being in Little Tokyo. 

If you're in the area grab some eats from Champion's Curry 136 S Central Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012, it's one of our fav places to grab lunch there.