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Friday, September 30, 2022

The Hot Tub You Can Reserve At The Hammer


Looks like it's too late, but the The Hammer did have a Hot Tub you could reserve until Oct 9, which seems to be booked until then. The feature of Hammer Projects: Tita Cicognani was a very lovely hot tub you could spend time in at the museum. We're assuming people could just walk by on their way to other installations and you'd probably be on camera, but still, free hot tub use.

Here's the info on it:
"The functioning hot tub at the center of Los Angeles–based artist Tita Cicognani’s (b. 1993, New York City) installation offers an environment of potential physical contact and intimacy in an institutional context typically designed to promote sterility and cleanliness. Customized as part of a larger installation that includes video, sound, and other media works, Cicognani’s hot tub is a device through which museum visitors might temporarily reconcile their relationship to germs and the perilousness of the body. The environment most

readily resembles an alien love hotel, decomposing traditional markers of love and romance in order to further underscore their foreignness and unfamiliarity in an art museum. Cicognani’s installation is populated by digital avatars that displace the body of the artist and further aid in the uncanny misrecognition of one’s self as a stable and resolute entity. The presentation at the Hammer marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in an institution."

This isn't the first time patrons of art museums in LA could get in a body of water as MOCA had a small pool in their Little Tokyo location, but rumors are people got sick from it and it had to be shut down.