Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Halloween Update: Mid September To Do

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Delusion starts this week!
Sept 15-Nov 20, Select Nights 
Phillips Mansion
2640 Pomona Blvd, Pomona, CA 91768 
General admission tickets start at $89.99, while VIP tickets start at $124.99
Delusion almost ranks as our highest choice of haunts to check out...even if it's technically taking place in the out lands of Pomona.

Delusionals will play the role of Deprogrammers; those meant to help rescue people from the influence of cults. During the 1970’s there was an influx of cults popping around the United States such as Children of God and The Manson Family. Since the disappearance of Esther Phillips over twenty years ago, a cult known as The Hollows was born. Fanatics from around the world have come to her estate, driven by rumors of a gift beyond this life, if only they would die on her grounds. Playing upon this phenomenon, Delusion will swallow its guests into its most disturbing interactive play to date where they will uncover the truth behind The Hollows.


Cenobite Sunday Service
SUN SEP 18, 2022 1:00 PM
Aero Theatre
$10.00 (member) ; $15.00 (general admission)
A matinee double feature of HELLRAISER & HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II in glorious 35mm.
Sept 16-18th
SugarMynt Gallery, 810 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030, USA

The Jazz Cartel as the 3 Michael's performing, Barmaid Beauties - price includes one free drink, Michael Myers Cosplay and 50+ artists making your favorite serial killers artworks.

For SugarMynt’s 8th annual Halloween exhibit, we’re celebrating the Halloween films, and Halloween feels. With “Halloween Ends” coming out this October, our focus is paying tribute to this franchise that never dies. We’ll have original artwork dedicated to Michael Myers and the rest of the Haddonfield crew, as well as our behind the scenes photos by Kim Gottlieb-Walker featuring “Halloween” (1978) and “Halloween II.”


KILLER KLOWNS CosPlay Dance Party - with John Massari!
Sept 17-18
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group
4850 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Calling ALL Killer Klowns from Outer Space Fans! Come and Party with Killer-Klowns-Composer John Massari performing his Horror Metal DJ set of his NEW soundtrack recording of his Killer Klowns from Outer Space music soundtrack. This EVENT is a FULL-ON CosPlay Dance Party. Activities will include Special Prizes for Air Guitar, Air Drum, Best Costume & Best Killer Klown Tattoo!

Walk among spiders and their magnificent webs in this unique, open-air experience.T his one-of-a-kind seasonal pavilion gives you a rare glimpse into the secret life of spiders. Stroll through the open air pavilion to see hundreds of orb weavers and their amazing webs all around you. Then enter the spider den to peer into enclosed habitats that house different species from tarantulas to jumping spiders. Along the way you'll hear amazing stories and get answers to all your arachnid questions from our Museum Educators.