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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Marvel Doesn't Care If You Read The Comics: Avengers #60

In probably one of the silliest issues about trying to talk about one man's worth, what it means to be a hero and a number of harder topics of morality and heroism we get a bizarre almost insane love of blue mailboxes.

Say, hello to issue #60 of the Avengers. This is supposed to be the premiere team of Earth's mightiest heroes. Maybe, a place where a new reader comes in to see why movies are made about these heroes. A book of crazy importance or epic battles. 

In this issue, the world is judged and so is Hawkeye by an being of unimaginable power. But, that being also says, "Hey, maybe a mailbox is more important than you."

It's just bonkers, the love for the mailbox.

The cover here, does not befit the story or there should be a reprinting with a special cover version that gives love to those blue mailboxes you see around your local city.

Here's some of the panels that seem utterly insane.

This is not a joke, but a real issue of the current Avengers. Yeesh.

Update: There's another weird story, but this time it's about an evil blue mailbox from Free Comic Book Day 2022 Spider-Man Venom.


What's up with mailboxes in Marvel?