Monday, August 29, 2022

TTDILA's Halloween Guide 2022

Bwa-ha-ha...cough.cough. No, I'm okay. I can do it. Get off me.


Welcome, most venerated reader and searcher of all things to do for Halloween in SoCal. Here is our guide that will grow fat, like some cat you give pizza. Don't feed your cat pizza though.

Anyway, will break it down like we have every year. Haunts for where you can get scared by theme parks or dedicated haunted house to give you chills. Films, scares on the silver screen. And finally, events, spooky going-ons like parties or pop-ups that won't be around all Halloween.

Latest Halloween News

-Get the latest on what's happening spooky near you    


-What scares are at home?


- Is there a Haunted House or theme park for Halloween you want to check out, it's all here.

Screenings & Film Festivals

-How many horror films screen in LA when it's not even October? Look here for all your horror film needs, special screening and horror film festivals.


-Some Halloween activities just last a day, special horror-themed performances might only last two nights. Grab tickets for the special events before they sell out.
Pumpkin Patches
- Do you seek big bountiful beautiful  pumpkins? Check these early Jack-O-Lanterns, before you cut them up. Though some of these places show of their Jack-O-Lantern skills.