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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Halloween 2022: Temecula Terror Dead, Witch! Starts Friday, Haunted Hayride Back & Halloween Guide Coming Next Week

We're getting to the point where will probably just have a weekly Halloween update, so stay tuned. And, next week, Monday, the new Halloween Guide goes up. There's just too many things you can grab tickets for.

No Temecula Terror, sad to hear, it's always great to see new haunts. Here's hoping they're back in 2023.


LA’s favorite Haunted Hayride is officially returning to Griffith Park beginning Friday, September 23rd! Open select nights through Halloween, Haunted Hayride will feature returning fan favorite attractions, reimagined mazes, and more.

Presale tickets officially went on sale today, 8/25 at noon PST, with general admission sales starting Thursday September 1st (starting at $39..99).


Select Nights
Heritage Square Museum
3800 Homer Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031
 "WITCH!" is an original immersive experience, based on the true story of the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612. Experience a sleepy town's descent into madness, as the people of Pendle are led to see witches in every shadow and every stray dog as a familiar spirit. Prepare to be separated from the people you came with and have a unique experience as you meet the "witches" and inquisitors of the haunted forest of Pendle; risk getting accused of witchcraft; encounter performers one-on-one; traverse the world of haunted mansions and an abandoned chapel.