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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Game Hype: Ben Hose "Super Mario World Map," Jackbox Party Pack 9, The Last Course: Junko Mizuno's Food Obsession 4


-Ben Hose "Super Mario World Map" Print $65.00 Gallery 1988

-The Jackbox Party Pack 9 is up for pre-order, available via Jackbox’s official shop or in the Steam store (PC/Mac/Linux) for 10% off before it launches this fall.
Two new features we're brought to my attention:

QR Code Sign-In: You can now hold your mobile device’s camera up to the QR code on the screen to automatically pull up and enter the room code for you.

Easy Host Reconnects: If the game host loses their connection to the server mid-game, the game will essentially “pause” for 5 minutes and give the host time to reestablish a connection so that game data and players won’t be lost.

This just makes things a lot more easier if you've ever played Jackbox games before, I'm like the upgrades to get people in and if you deal with some bad Internet. 

-Just a heads up 

The Last Course: Junko Mizuno's Food Obsession 4

Opening Reception: September 10, 5 - 8pm | SHOW RUNS: September 10 - 25 , 2022

Painter & Artist, Junko Mizuno, will be presenting a series of new paintings based on food. This will be her 4th and last exhibition devoted to all things delectable and celebrating specific delights through her unique fantastical esthetic. We will be unveiling new exclusive Junko merch at the opening reception as well : Junko Stemless wineglasses & Junko embroidered handkerchiefs.