Monday, August 29, 2022

DC Comics Makes Some Lame Hispanic Heritage Month Covers

 ScreenRant has a great read on the very poorly done Hispanic Heritage Month Variant covers.
The main reason it's being brought up are the changes from the much nicer mural inspired looking first version of the cover to the character having a bag of tamales. It's like another Pride Month of corporations selling garbage with no real care for whomever it's supposed to represent.

It does make you hungry.

Also, as a fan of the character Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, it's funny their bringing up his Hispanic heritage at all. During his initial run it's never indicated Kyle was brought up with any Latino background as his Dad left him and his Mom at a young age. His mother, as I recall is Irish, but even then, none of that really goes into the character or his stories.

There's even a story where he thought he found his Dad, but it's actually his Uncle whose a bad guy.

Eventually, Kyle finds his Dad whose kind of just a deadbeat.

Kyle having a tamale cover really shows how little DC knows or cares about its own characters.