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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

You Should See Everything Everywhere All At Once

Poster by James Jean

One of our favorite director duos, Daniels, brings us a new cinematic event that has you going all around the multiverse in a sci-fi, drama/action/comedy that pays homage to so many other films that it's a mind-bending sense of fun. It's like if Matrix Resurrections was made with love or any effort and by both siblings.
You can see flourishes from Jackie Chan films, it was originally written for him as the lead and Michelle Yeoh does an amazing job as the star and his replacement. Indiana Jones films, the actor who played Short Round, Ke Huy Quan, is now a lead roll in the film. The previously mentioned Matrix, with jumping into other versions of yourself. Avengers and Captain America moves are in there, The Russo Bros are producers. And, even a little Pixar, Randy Newman voices a character and has a duet that you might miss. 
Here's there song without spoiling anything.
As posted before, after seeing the film you might want to grab these googly eyes from A24's official site.
A ridiculous in-joke for the upcoming A24 film from the Daniels. 

It's hard to even condense it all. So many other films and styles inspired the Daniels to create a world or worlds made up for this one with their sense of humor and yet they still made it human and some family drama.

Catch it in theaters as it's so worth it. Laughing with a crowd, hearing the gasps in person. It's been missed.