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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

WonderCon 2022 Part 2: I Like Big Booths & Artist Alley Is Alright

Big Tiki Head from the Funk Booth
In part 1, I discussed the fandom of X-Men, bad food at the convention center and a link to cosplay pictures. This time it's about booths and artist alley.

By Jonathan Bilski
Where was Dark Horse? Where was DC & Marvel? Where was Nintendo? Not loving its fans. Not sure if it was the last minute nature of WonderCon or pr budgets following Covid, but the big names we're gone this year. That didn't stop booths of all kinds coming into the con and selling geeky merch and fan friendly stuff that highly questionable of being official.

The biggest booths were Funko's with a sweet and stylish beach theme that had special games and exclusive collectibles for the con and...

Bandai Namco's, ech that new logo.

The new ugly logo of Bandai Namco booths were many as they seemed to not only be behind Tamashi Nations, they're also behind the LEGO rip-off of Nanoblock and Ghibli merch for North America. The booth had multiple figures. Gundam, of course, but also Kamen Rider and multiple animes. 
Oddly, Bandai Namco didn't show off anything from it's gaming division and come to think of it, there really wasn't any video game booth at the con.

Thumbs up to the new Proplica division. You read that right. Proplica are props Bandai Namco from animes that are on a real world scale. Above you see a mic from Macross. Other Proplica is out now or in the works, here's hoping for some fun stuff from this new division.

There were a few lovely hyper realistic busts and mask to get at insane prices. They're creepy to see up close. Not sure who wants them.

Quite a few booths had eye-catching robots.


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Choice merch was everywhere, here a few favs that stood out.

The shirt of Banned comics sold out

Now we shift to Artist Alley, a true delight of any cons. So much of it is just the most niche or specific to that certain fan. While other stuff is just great design. Always a wonderful look to find that special charm or piece of art to put near your desk.