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Friday, April 1, 2022

Two New Brands To Check Out Trace and Chuco Coin

Trace let's what G-d intended to be on your hands back on them, so you can build your own immunity. Read more about it here on Dieline.

"Trace partnered with Los Angeles brand studio Herman-Scheer to develop a clean, refined visual identity and cohesive launch campaign to help bring the startup to market.

Anchored by a bold sans serif wordmark and abstract brandmark, Trace’s branding takes inspiration from mid-century modern Scandinavian design and scientific medicinal brand aesthetics, featuring warm earth tones and vibrant colors across minimal packaging that leans heavily on clear, blocky text to get their message across."

Then, we have the exciting new Chuco Coin.

"Inspired by the rising influence of Latino consumers in the US, Chuco Coin invites folks that missed out on Doge, Ethereum, and Bitcoin profits to invest in its unregulated security. Chuco Coin isn’t some celebrity-endorsed, pump-and-dump rug pull—the founders have promised on Twitter not to scam, laying out a realistic roadmap that includes making probiotic, vegan, gluten-free, functional sodas designed for today’s creative crypto bro on the go, but with a Latin twist."

Read more about it here.

We accept Chuco Coin for NFTTTDILA's.