Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Hype: iam8bit Moving Sale, X, Dead Heat, Dead Cells, Showa American Story & Urusei Yatsura


The iam8bit Moving Sale has already started, looks like you can grab a lot of deals on some great video game merch.

Not too happy to hear iam8bit is moving, albeit just a little down the road. It's location was top notch as a retail store, gallery and offices. We remember covering stuff from them at the location throughout the years like Super iam8bit to a special Dead Rising event. (Sigh) 


Ti West's X comes out this March and we can't wait for what looks like a porno slasher film fro mA 24  and him.

Coming out much sooner and a favorite of ours is a special 4K Ultra HD / Blu-ray Set of Dead Heat from Vinegar Syndrome. An 80's buddy cop horror film like no other. Part comedy, part horror and utterly ridiculous, it's just too good for an old-school horror fan. Other than just seeing it in the most pristine way possible it comes with quite a lot of extras.

Moving over to gaming the latest Dead Cells DLC has come out and it's totally worth it. This game came out a few years back, but keeps being playable after free updates and $5 DLC. Grab the newest pack and explore a sunken ship and meet up with a very angry Queen.

Catching our eye is this upcoming game of an America taken over by the Japanese, it looks like bonkers fun. It sort of looks like if No More Heroes 3 had kept out attention. No real release date though.

Urusei Yatsura or in English, Those Obnoxious Aliens!, from Rumiko Takahashi creator of Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 is being revived. That means alien green-haired cute Lum will be back in her tiger bikini...need we say more?