Friday, August 20, 2021

Hype: Japan Cuts & The Getty Has An Exhibit On A Chair You Can't Sit In

Japan Cuts is online now. Streaming some fun Japanese films, we highly recommend check out the horror film Hiruko the Goblin
Hiruko the Goblin will be released on home video in the US by Mondo Macabro in October.

Silk & Swan Feathers A Luxurious 18th-Century Armchair exhibit is going on now and might show how out of touch The Getty is.

"Acquired by Getty in 1988, this is the first time the chair has been featured in an exhibition in North America. However, before it could go on view, it needed to be conserved. This meant that a team of over nine people spent many hundreds of hours meticulously studying, x-raying, cleaning, and protecting the chair."
I don't know how I could even put into words how meaningless this is compared to everything going on in the world right now or in any way connects to anything contemporary or of historical value . This is probably one of the most boring things in banality The Getty has tried to show off.

It's a chair...