Friday, August 20, 2021

Fantasia Film Fest 2021: Night of the Living Dicks Review


Where to even begin with this one? At the tip?...Top? As you might know, we saw this delightfully messed up short, where men have sex organs for heads, at the Palm Springs Short Fest. We were already fans from the poster. And we're glad to see it made it to Fantasia too.

Going over the main part of this short film once again. This is a social commentary horror film that has a female reporter, Venla, putting on glasses akin to John Carpenter's They Live and seeing a world through new eyes. A world where dudes have dongs for their heads. Venla goes on a mission to figure out what these dong dudes are up to. Things don't exactly go her way and she might meet a very graphic female version of the literal dickheads. And maybe teach these dongs a lesson.
We don't wanna spoil anything, it's one of those films where it's better to go in and go WTF.

We recommend seeing it wherever you can as part of any film fest as it's so messed up and better with a crowd.