Monday, August 16, 2021

Anime Hype: Eva 4.0's Subtitles Need To Be Shirts, But That's Not Here


Uzamaki is sadly coming out next year, see it in Oct 2022.

If you wanna watch a more self-contained film then the back-log of stuff you gotta watch before watching Eva 4.0 then check out The Wonderland.

Synopsis: On the day before her birthday, young Akane meets the mysterious alchemist Hippocrates who brings her through a basement and into a fantastical world full of magic and color. Though things seem peaceful on the surface, he reveals this world is in danger and as the destined Goddess of the Green Wind, it is Akane's responsibility to bring back the rain and save this world from the terror known as Zan Gu. Joining Akane on her journey is Pipo, an alchemist in training, and her adventurous Aunt Chii. The only problem? Akane just wants to go home.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - The Steam Ninja Scrolls has one of the most boring looking covers. Looking at the above cover to The Wonderland, woah, they both quite suck.

It might be a concept from the 2000's, but Star Was is following in the foot steps of the Animatrix and that anthology from Halo. Yup, it's an anime anthology for Star Wars. Many might say, "Why now? Why not a decade ago?" That's Star Wars, always on the pulse of things that happened years ago.

5 Japanese Anime Heroes Who Are Actually Jerks

I never thought of Tenchi as a jerk, more like an empty slate with a dead personality. Still a fun read.

This is just too funny. $17.99 for the invisible girl from My Hero Academia it's Toru Hagakure...we guess?

via ANN

Taco Bell went all out for this anime commercial for Nacho Fries. 


Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon is coming out.

Aharen Is Indecipherable looks like a fun new anime to look forward to.

One of our favorite series is back on Blu-ray, but from a different company. The Fun dub stays intact ffrom this Discotek release of Sgt. Frog.

"Discotek's release of the first season of Sgt. Frog will include the first 51 episodes with English subtitles and with Funimaton's English dub. Its overall release of the anime will include all 358 episodes in successive SD Blu-ray Disc volume releases by season. The anime series ran from 2004 to 2011, and it spawned five feature films. Funimation released two "seasons" of the anime on DVD, after ADV Films had licensed but not released the anime." via ANN