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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Wait, There's An Art Candy Machine?

Oh, I can't eat the art...drives away.
For those who didn't drive away from this post, I'm showing off this this innovative oddity found in Burbank. The Art Candy Machine! This machines dispenses art, multiple medias, from different artists for a measly $5 a piece. So, you could easily get a gallery on your home desk or spruce up your home office. 
The Art Candy Machine is currently located at the corner of Oak and Fairview in Burbank, CA.
In the driveway with over 100 pieces of art on the fence. (Burbank Neighborhood Gallery)
Put: W Oak St & N Fairview St, Burbank, CA 91505 into Google maps or try
3100 W Oak St Burbank, California, though that's not the actual address.
This is all thanks to Stefanie Girard’s who curates The Art Candy Machine. You can also get your art in the machine by looking up how here.
Below is some more featured art from the machine; it looks like you might be able to see what's available by following what's going on over on Instagram. 
I have to commend Stefanie on making such a fun machine with inexpensive art that let's people find out about artists and change up the look of their homes. Now go there and grab some! And remember, it's not edible!

Stefanie Girard ribbon cutting ceremony