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Monday, June 21, 2021

Shortfest 2021 Starts in Palm Springs Tuesday


Shortfest is in-person and partially online this year. This week long shorts festival will share multiple strange, artistic and personal films. And  a weird one called Night of the Living Dicks. It's got some fun night time showings.

June 22-28
Camelot Theatres 
(Palm Springs Cultural Center)
2300 E Baristo Rd, Palm Springs
June 22-28

Here's are top choices of what to see. Check out the full guide for more.

Fever Dream | June 23, 5:30pm

Vivid imagery, distorted realities, provocative and haunting stories. Like a dream that you can’t shake, these films are made for unpacking. Read More

Brave New World | June 23, 7:00pm

Tales about our strange present and unknown future and its wondrous (and horrifying) possibilities. Read More

Thrills & Chills | June 24, 7:00pm

Buckle in for this hair-raising series of lurid genre shorts. From an Andalusian nightmare to a phallic catastrophe in Finland, expect no shortage of scares and savagery. Read More 

Late Night | June 26, 7:00pm

The sinister and the surreal converge in this collection of after-dark shorts, featuring a calamitous drug trip and the bus ride from hell. Read More 

We were also interested in: 

-After celebrating the birth of their first son, James and his converted Jewish wife Lola fly a mohel out to perform the circumcision. Family expectations and financial strain force James to confront the transactional nature of religion, and the realities of maintaining old traditions in a modern world. 

 -All Don wants is a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately the universe has other plans. 

- In a dreary rural village, two craftspeople, Uli and Didi, find themselves in the strangely comic position of having to make WWII-era Nazi paraphernalia for a film production shooting in the German countryside.