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Monday, June 28, 2021

AFI Docs: The Lost Leonardo

The Lost Leonardo is still in festival circuit mode. So, we can't even share a proper poster or trailer as Sony Classics hasn't made them yet. In this intriguing doc we follow what many say isn't the last found work of Leonardo DaVinci, the Salvator Mundi. However,  due to greed and good marketing it appears to much of the world that it is DaVinci's kind of last found, weird looking art piece of Jesus. You'll follow the piece's finding with the people who found and restored it. Then, you'll see it balloon to being them most costly piece of art at $450 million.

It's a well-made doc that gets use of a drone shot or two. You get up and personal with those who handled the painting until the end when questions of it really being Leonardo's hurts its value. And you learn a little about the shady side of the art world. If, you'd like to see the story about how a painting is now owned by a Saudi Prince and how far it traveled, this one is for you.