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Friday, June 4, 2021

Local Hype: Queen Mary Could Sink, Belcampo Meat In Deep, Avengers Campus Looks Neat & In-N-Out Merch Can't Be Beat

-Pretty depressing read on how badly the Queen Mary has been maintained over the years and the fears of it actually sinking being possible. We've enjoyed many Dark Harbor haunts there and hope something can be done.

“The city was never able to keep up with the maintenance on that ship, regardless of who they leased it to,” said Ed Pribonic, who spent nearly three decades as the Queen Mary’s monthly inspector. He listed asbestos and electrical wiring issues as some of his top concerns about the ship’s safety and stability.

Pribonic said the city often tried to downplay his critical reports, which chronicled the ship’s degradation for years. His contract was terminated in 2019."

-We didn't even think about not trusting the name Belcampo, but at the prices they charge for their touted grass-fed cow burgers and other meats, it's a big deal if it turns out it's meat you can just get from your regular grocer.
"But multiple former employees and one current employee allege Belcampo hasn’t been completely honest about its sourcing, and that it’s been mislabeling products for more than a year at its Santa Monica and West Third Street locations. On Sunday, May 23, LA butcher Evan Reiner, a former Belcampo Meat Co. employee, posted an Instagram story to his personal account claiming that Belcampo was mislabeling its meat products, a process that he says spans multiple levels of its corporate structure and has been happening for months."
Here's some posts on the new Avengers Campus that just opened up at Disneyland.

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