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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Film Hype: Fantastic Fest Back, Oh Hi, Alamo Drafthouse, Vidiots Coming, Paper Girls Being Produced & Jurassic Sneakers

They beloved Fantastic Fest is back this year. As a reminder it shows off all the fun and strange films we can't wait to see over the next year.
With that same bit of news it should be no surprise that the company behind it is out of bankruptcy.
Variety goes into better detail. Some lower earning theaters closed. The one here in LA is safe and staying open and Drafthouse seems to be staying the same.
An Exclusive Look at the Relaunch of Vidiots and The Eagle Theatre in Eagle Rock with Maggie Mackay
We've been watching Museum of Home Video, hosted by Bret Berg throughout the pandemic promoting this place and in Spring 2022, Vidiots should be open and bring the love that only cinephiles can to LA. Read about whose behind it above.
And Vidiots has an online show, oddly without Brett to raise money for the place.
Hosted by our Vidiots friends + fans, Atsuko Okatsuka + Dana Gould, this Comedy Benefit Show is a fundraiser for the Vidiots Foundation relaunch campaign! Vidiots Foundation, the iconic L.A. video store, is renovating the historic Eagle Theatre in Northeast L.A. with state-of-the-art cinema screens, event space, and Vidiots 50,000 title video store, opening 2022!

Show broadcasts live from 7:30PM.- 9:00PM PST. Tune in for some MUCH NEEDED laughs and a heap of video store love, with some of our very favorites!

Grab stream tickets here.

-We've really like the comic, so we'll see how much it differs in the Amazon live-action adaption of those time traveling Paper Girls.
Etheria Film Night, usually a one night screening at the Egyptian, will now screen exclusively on Shudder.