Thursday, January 7, 2021

What Were Looking Forward To This January: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, Rain Like Hammers, Psycho Goreman, Evangelion 3.0+1.0, Cyber Shadow & Resident Alien

New year, means new media to consume. Nom, nom, nom...burp! Here's what's on our radar this month.
Jan 14

From the great work started by Paul Robertson, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition comes out again on all the major consoles. Beat up bad guys who are trying to stop you from being in love with your lady and defeat all her evil exes.
We loved playing this game when it came out a decade ago and now years later hope to again. And you can play online and locally with four people altogether, so you and up to three friends. Don't forget you get all the DLC that came out for the game and that kick-ass soundtrack from Anamanaguchi.
Jan 20 

From one of our favorite independent comic artists, Brandon Graham, comes a brand new 5-part series about a lonely dude in a walking city on another planet. Things go awry for this day dreamer whose into finding the best fast food when other walking cities start getting destroyed.
From Graham's past work like King City, Prophet & Multiple Warheads, we can't wait to see what he comes up with and all the little drawings hidden on every page.

Jan 22

A hit at Beyond Fest, last year and from the co-director of The Void, Steven Kostanski, comes PG aka Psycho Goreman. A balls to the wall sci-fi, horror action adventure about a little girl who gets an alien monster as a pet. All kinds of crazy seems to ooze out of the trailer as this looks like it'll be an instant cult classic.
Goreman isn't the only monster as it looks like there's a convention from all the bad guys the Power Rangers ever beat-up, cept' they went to Hot Topic and Hell and came back to fight.
Jan 23

It may takes us years, but hopefully months as we're unsure who owns the rights to the film for the North American release, because it could be owned by both by both Disney & Sony (not joking), but the last Evangelion movie comes out in Japan this month. We've been waiting for this one for oh, since 2015, when it was suppose to come out!
Not getting into how bad the title is to the English audience; it looks like it will have some of the best animation ever and director Anno continue to mind f us without ever telling us what is really going on. Oh, Japan!
Jan 26   

From Yacht Club Games, comes a game that isn't DLC for Shovel Knight, Cyber Shadow! A new old-school ninja action-adventure platformer in 8-bit style. It looks jam-packed with extras and creativity. We see ourselves playing in on Switch or Steam when we just want to game for a bit like a session of Hades. Filled with secrets, moves to master and what looks like killer boss fights, for 8-bit it might kick every modern games butt.

Jan 27
SYFY Channel

Oh, Alan Tudyk, why did you leave Doom Patrol? I know it was for this show, but couldn't you have done both? SYFY comes back with a show based on comics about an alien hiding in plain sight in the guise of a local town doctor played by the before-mentioned actor. Get ready for dark humor and what looks like to be murder mysteries as an alien gets use to life on Earth. A fun premise we've seen over and over again, but this time a bit more scary and violent.

Keep it up SyFy!

Well, that's all for January. We're already excited for Kid Cosmic from Crag McCracken coming to Netflix next month!