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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Things Could Be Better & Alberston's/Vons/Pavillions Is Kind Of A Piece of $%&*

 LA Times is reporting outbreaks from our super markets to our movie sets.
And then you have Alberstons that owns Vons and Pavilions firing workers to save money through the stupid new law that passed where Uber doesn't have to give any benefits to their workers.
 A manager at a Southern California Vons delivery hub confirmed that as of February, Vons would be laying off drivers. A local Pavilions employee noted that they’re “no longer using drivers,” and shifting to DoorDash instead. Vons and Albertsons Corporate did not respond to requests for comment.

 Please read and then call up corporate to complain

Vons Retail Store/Corporate Phone Number: 877–723–3929

Albertsons Retail Store/Corporate Phone Number: 877–723–3929