Thursday, January 21, 2021

Gorman on Goreman: Update Drive-In For Goreman Tonight Fri 1/22

The stars must be aligned for two such great Gor-ending-in-man related names to come up in the same week. One's a local lady who just gave a poem to the nation at Biden's inauguration. The other is an alien despot monster controlled by a little girl. Why isn't this already a TV show Netflix? Put them together, you lazy one movie a week service. Who cares; I want a Youth Poet Laureate and a scary alien monster emperor as crazy room mates.
Amanda Gorman, born and raised in LA, just gave one of the most wonderful speeches about America for the inauguration of our new President. It was not an empty speech about how great we are, but that we should strive to be better and learn from the past to be something more. It was touching and showed an immediate difference with the leadership of our country.
You can watch it below or read it here

On the other side you have the upcoming messed-up monster movie of PG:Psycho Goreman coming out this Friday 1/22/21 on VOD. The Goreman in this sci-fi, horror, action & comedy is an alien despot who was buried on Earth by his enemies eons ago, but a little girl wakes him up and somehow controls him, making him her friend. It looks like a former Power Rangers villain convention, but with an R rating and buckets of blood. We can't wait to see it.

With these Gor/e/mans 2021 is already looking brighter. Let's hope they get some deal together on some streaming platform. 


Fri January 22 9:15 PM 

Arena Cinelounge Drive In
1625 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

$tarts at $40